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ReFresh Program- Your CPAP Resupply Source

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Why ReFresh Your Supplies

Regular replacement of your disposable CPAP supplies is critical to the success of your sleep therapy and to waking up ReFreshed every day. Daily cleaning is necessary, but after a short time, these disposable supplies lose their ability to be cleaned, resulting in bacteria buildup, stiffness of flexible silicone mask seals and clogged filters. It is so important that your insurance will most likely cover these items.*


IconsBacteria Buildup

When you have heat and moisture, you have Bacteria. The amount of bacteria increases with age, so the older the mask and tubing, the more bacteria in the mask, the tubing, and potentially, in You.


Cushions Lose Their Seal Over Time

Most masks are made of plastic and silicone, and the headgear is made of neoprene. All of these materials begin to break down with age and frequent use.


Dirty Filters Damage CPAP Machines

Filters need to be replaced on a regular schedule. If dust and other contaminants build-up, they cause the CPAP machine to over-heat, and in time, damage the motor.


For more reasons why you should replace your supplies, see this video here.


Recommended Replacement Schedule

Recommended Replacement Schedule


Program Options

Program Options


Call 1-866-90-SLEEP or Contact us for more information!

* You will be responsible for insurance co-pay and deductible amounts as required by your policy.   

** Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans are not eligible for the Auto-Ship program.